Montana Sues US Government

Massive sandstorm engulfs the city of Golmud, China

Maria Madalena e o Santo Graal: A Mulher do Vaso de Alabastro (II) – O Noivo

Bashar Assad: White Helmets who don't lay down arms will be liquidated as terrorists

Cohen flips, willing to assert Trump knew in advance about 2016 Russian meeting

Israeli cartoonist fired for depicting Netanyahu as pig from Orwell's Animal Farm

Facebook loses $119bln in market value in single biggest day loss

Facebook blocks Alex Jones for 30 days

President Trump rages on Twitter and fires back at Cohen, saying he did ‘NOT’ know about his son’s 2016 meeting with Russians offering dirt on Clinton

Jeff Sessions Claims Medical Marijuana Is Responsible For Opioid Epidemic

Second-quarter GDP up 4.1%, as expected

San Francisco Bans Plastic Straws – Using Sidewalk As Toilet Still Tolerated

Failing New York Times Begs Liberal Billionaires To Prop Up Mainstream Outlets

Cop charged with aggravated battery for kicking pregnant woman while off-duty

Knife attack by 17yo Palestinian in West Bank settlement leaves 1 dead and 2 injured

DNA-testing company 23andMe partners with GlaxoSmithKline, giving Big Pharma access to its over 5mln users' genetic data

Tulpas and Father Christmas/Santa Claus

Worms unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive and eating

North Korea hands over remains of US service members in symbolic gesture

MSNBC fails to cover war in Yemen for over a year, instead reports on Stormy Daniels 455 times