Global cooling: Snow hits parts of British Columbia in July

Horrible! Conservative Woman Falsely Accused of Calling Kid a ‘Dirty Mexican’ – Joy Reid Leads Twitter Mob in False Allegations

Trump Responds To Democrats Calling For Abolition Of ICE

Novo integrante do Sistema Solar, Planeta 9, que ninguém viu ainda

A China poderá pôr fim à política de dois filhos, mas o que vem a seguir poderá ser igualmente mau

Russian Railways to electrify railroad in Iran linking Central Asia to Persian Gulf enabling double maximum speed

Lancashire, UK: Arsonists spotted lighting fires only miles away from out-of-control moorland blaze

Huge hailstones smash up car in Krasnodar, Russia - Filmed from inside

WATCH: Democrat Senator Pushes Assault Weapons Ban After Shooter Used Shotgun

Rosenstein Falling Apart Behind Closed Doors

Prosecutors Who Break the Law Face No Punishment

Kremlin: Everything up for discussion in Putin meeting with Trump - except Crimea

German police chief praises Russia's organization of World Cup: 'You don't see intel when it works'

New York private school plans to racially segregate students based on 'research'

24 MS-13 gang members charged with murder & dismembering victims

Elite Russian Su-30 in Iranian hands set to be a 'game changer' for the Middle East

Palestinians perform Dabke during 14th weekly Gaza protest amid live bullet fire and tear gas, two protestors killed & 400 injured

Prelude to a thaw: US Sen. Shelby says 'America and Russia don't have to be adversaries, despite being competitors'

Depraved Iraq war architect and neocon sociopath Bill Kristol is very excited about recent developments in Iran

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