Severe sandstorm engulfs southern Iraq turning day into night

A powerful sandstorm engulfed southern Iraq

A powerful sandstorm engulfed southern Iraq on May 11, 2018 turning day into night.

A severe sandstorm struck al-Muthanna province in southern Iraq on Friday, engulfing the landscape in a red dust.

Ahmad Qasem, a resident of the town of Samawah took footage of the red glow.

The video shows the impact of the red sand, darkening the skies at around midday.

Parts of Iraq often suffer from dust storms, especially in the past decade, as strong winds sweep up Iraq's vast deserts, blowing sand and dust into urban areas throughout the country.

Researchers say climate changes within the region have added to the problem with a decrease the annual rainfall and environmental changes, such as drying of the marshes, land degradation, and desertification.

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