How to get out of the endless Reincarnation cycle?

So I'm totally new here to this forum. Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right category for my topic/question, if not, admin please feel free to move this thread to the right place.

So I suppose members here in this forum believe that we, human-kind, had been created and trapped by aliens on this Earth for millennia (if you think this is not correct, please enlighten me). So basically we, as souls (our truest "self") had been reused/reincarnated/re-employed over and over again within different human shells for each lifetime we lived on Earth.

My question is: does any member here have any solutions to how we could possible end this seemingly endless cycle of reincarnation and sufferings? (I'm not talking about suicide because that would only help end this current incarnation, not the whole trap system)

I look forward to hearing from everyone here. Thanks!!

:ROFL: btw this icon looks so freaking funny :ROFL: lol

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