When Doubt and Uncertainty Come, Step Outside and Say Hello to the Sun

Visible Origami — Aug 13, 2017

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Good morning… early morning. It’s still dark out but after laying in bed for some hours it became clear there would be no sleep this night. It happens at least once a month. I don’t mind. The ineffable has got his reasons for everything and I am starting to learn that at a level I have never possessed before. Sure I know the ineffable is real; far more so than anything else but, like most of us I’ve had this disconnect where even though I believe in the ineffable… no, more than that, even though I KNOW the ineffable is real, there’s always been this sense of distance, even when I don’t want there to be any sense of distance. Recently the sense of distance has been diminishing by increments. It is the most wonderful thing.
I don’t know how the rest of you feel. I suppose all of us are different by degrees but I do know that most of you come here because you also Love the ineffable and would appreciate feeling closer, especially in these increasingly turbulent times. Look at what happened in Charlottesville Va. I don’t know how involved the Deep State is in what took place, or whether the driver of that car is a zombie bot who got reconditioned at whatever they are calling MKUltra these days. We know that they are working to create chaos since they are Satanists and that is the main product produced by Satanists.
You might wonder why anyone would be involved in the perversion and destruction of the very system they live in. If you asked them they would probably have all kinds of answers but the truth is that they wouldn’t know. They are ‘under the influence’. Most of them do what they do because of the expectation of some kind of reward. Surely you have heard that line from Milton’s, “Paradise Lost”; “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” People really believe this. When you are captivated by the idea of certain singular and unique rewards, you become blinded to the truth and it is ever so much worse for not knowing it, to begin with. Factor in that you are bent in certain terrible ways and think nothing of doing evil for the sheer joy of it. They are not like us and this is something we need to understand.
The reality of the playing field of existence is that roles are programmed for the purpose of demonstration. People can change. There is the marvelous and mysterious power of Grace. There is epiphany. There is the immeasurable love of God. There is always the possibility of a fortunate encounter with a member of the brotherhood; prayer is VERY efficacious. Of course one must want to change and often when one is immersed in darkness and hopeful of some tidbit from the nether regions, there is little inclination for change. Some number have gone some distance down dark highways. None of this should apply to us. Angels serve without respite and are drawn to the light generated by positive aspiration.
Angels continuously circle the globe and a certain light is generated by souls in transition. They are attracted by this light and study the individual to see what help they can render. This is what angels do. They serve. Then there are the mysterious strangers who look like anyone and everyone and who move among us but we do not see them unless they want us to. They are around. I know this because I have met a few in my travels. It is immaterial whether anyone believes this or not. That I believe it is sufficient for me. However, the tales of such individuals are everywhere in occult history and in ancient texts, scripture and the like. The miracles and marvels of the great souled ones abound. In Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” there are a number of examples. You have heard the term when the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.” This does not apply only to masters. There is help all around but we do not see it. Evil is quite visible. The higher virtues are often invisible but no less present. Then again, some of us carry them with us.
So… I am noticing that while the confusion and disorder continue to grow, there is a subtle quickening taking place within the hearts of all who are susceptible to the urging. We must listen intently to the stillness within. There is a presence and it is coming forth. The appointed time is coming. While the world scurries about in pursuit of mindless distractions, the Avatar of Love is rising in the hearts of those who have prepared a place for the habitation. Some of you can feel it and for some, it will come if the inclination for it is there.
Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Do not let discouragement enter in. In times of doubt and difficulty, there is something that always fills my soul with joy and certitude. I walk outside and look toward the sun. The power of it is indisputable. The majesty of it is breathtaking and it is the source of all manifest life on this planet. This would be a cold dead orb without it. What has the darkness got that can match the power of the sun? With the rising of the sun, the darkness disappears. It is remembering things like this that helps me continue. Behind that physical sun is a spiritual sun and that is the place from which the Avatar of Love comes forth. That sun is so bright that it cannot be seen except with a special sight that is conferred upon those who have transformed the scorpion into an eagle.
It is the light of the sun that makes the moon visible. There is a powerful truth that is concealed in the understanding of this. It has everything to do with how we see and interpret everything. Go out and look at the sun. You can’t for very long. That spiritual sun is actually resident in our hearts and actively resonant when the quickening comes. This entire world is an illusion and we see what we see because of what we have convinced ourselves of, or been convinced of. For those deceived, this world is a prison camp. For those who are not deceived, no prison can hold them. For the ones in whose hearts true love has bloomed, this world becomes an iridescent paradise. It is always Eden for the awakened soul.
Perhaps a certain comparison will be useful here. Do you remember the first time you fell in Love? Do you remember how suddenly the whole world was filled with magic? Do you remember how remarkable it was? We forget. We forget so much because life intrudes. It’s an interesting irony about romantic love. Those so engaged set one another free for a measure of time. It’s incredible what even that form of Love can accomplish. Then fear sets in because we are afraid that we will lose what we love, so we try to capture and contain it. We put limitations on it and trap one another and the magic departs. It turns into the opposite of what it was and disappointment is all that remains. Now imagine a higher love where the beloved is the ineffable itself. Imagine what that must be like and what kind of freedom and magic resides in that. This is something beyond the reach of words to communicate. This is there for every one of us who can recognize the origin of love. We have compartmentalized our world with labels that we have placed upon every object we have encountered. We have named things and put our ownership upon them by the interpretations we have given. The meaning of the word Adam is, ‘namer of things.’ Think about that.
This is what the man on the beach did to and for me. He kept saying, “I don’t know.” I was asking questions and sometimes I would get an answer but more often I heard, “I don’t know.” A very strange thing happened further on. I did not know that I was completely under his spell. A point came when I began saying, “I don’t know.” I didn’t realize that all the false information that I had accepted along the way was siphoned right out of me and I literally and fundamentally did not know. It feels impossible to explain how it was. I had been emptied out and with that came a freedom so wild and wonderful that it cannot be expressed in a medium like this. I did not know what had happened to me and it was months later, thousands of miles away when he reached out and activated my Kundalini. My whole world changed after that and nothing was the same ever again. It was later after a period of intense involvement in worlds beyond that I was thrown back into the fiery cauldron of the sensory world. What a price I paid. At times I despaired of ever being free again but it was all meant to happen because I could not have truly valued any of it until it was taken away from me. Everything has a price except for that which is priceless and the cost of that can be everything else. I don’t wish the road I traveled upon anyone. At times the torment was unbelievable but later down the road, the ineffable came back for me and I will never forget those days in Italy and that moment when he said, “remember what Yogananda said about God and springtime and the winter? If you don’t look for God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter. Well, it’s not winter yet but… here I am.”
That coursed through me like an electric shock. I wept as I had never wept before. The gratitude was overwhelming. To hear that, said with the authority of the speaker was indescribable. Now… well, I don’t know what to think. I know some experiences are coming and they are likely to be of a particular intensity. What I do know is that the ineffable is Love itself. How can I fear whatever awaits? How can I fear, when Love displaces Fear? So it is.
When doubt and uncertainty come around and… they will, go outside and greet the sun. Let the power of it tell you what you need to remember when doubt and uncertainty come around. How can they linger before the face of the sun? How can there be any shadows before the light of the spiritual sun which… when it rises, burns away all the darkness and blindness of the separated false self. Then the union is complete.
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