Venezuela parliament to ignore constitutional assembly

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament has announced that it will not recognize any decrees issued by the country’s newly formed constitutional assembly.

The Venezuelan parliament made the announcement on Monday, after unanimously voting in favor of ignoring the assembly’s decision to substitute the country’s chief prosecutor with a pro-government figure.

The establishment of a “truth commission” with the capability of prosecuting and levying punishments was also voted against.

According to opposition lawmaker Delsa Solorzano, the goal of the so-called truth commission is to “persecute those who think differently.”

The powerful 545-seat Constituent Assembly, with the principal task of rewriting the 1999 constitution, started its work on Friday, following an election which was held amid a wave of deadly clashes and violence, with protesters attacking polling stations and barricading streets.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called on the commission to hold opposition leaders responsible for the current wave of political unrest which is plaguing the country.  

The new constitution, Madura says, will lift the country out of its economic misery, brought on chiefly by the fall in oil revenues, which Venezuela most heavily relies on.

At least 125 people have died over the past four months in Venezuela during riots and violent demonstrations against the government.

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