US Air Force SOC out in the open doing psycological operations/unconventinal warfare

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Signed up specifically to share my experience and evidence claiming - my local Us air force SOC base (Hurlbert Field) is and has been since 2010, using the local community as the enemy for training and practice- with God only knows the kind of technology involved.

I have A LOT to say and will have to continue to add to this thread as I try to figure out the best way to articulate to this community- my experience being a "target" and all of the reasons that lead me to conclude that I am one.

I should probably give a short bio on myself here first to help bring some enlightenment in regards to my personality (and lack of writing skills). I know not - proper sentence phrasing, punctuation and big fancy words. I have just recently in the last 3 years forced myself to learn the difference and proper use of - there/their and they're, so please over look the lack of those skills as I will try very hard to write my points and experiences so as to bring the clearest understanding that there are patterns to see.

I'm attaching some images at this time to help bring some interest and will be describing in detail what you're seeing here later in the thread as I continue it.

Anyone know how to "delete" images in the "manage attachments pop up window"?

[to be continued]
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