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The TROIKA Group, formerly the State of Reality, is comprised of two remote viewers, Brett Stuart and Kahn Ali, dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of our time. They've completed three projects so far: The most significant of their projects is the Nazca Mummy one, because not only was there feedback, but it was not known to either Brett or Kahn until after the sessions were completed.

A timeline of the Nazca Mummy project and its aftermath can be found on their newsletter, which you can subscribe to here:

1) On June 29 - We executed a blind Remote Viewing session on the first Nazca Mummy, named Maria. Episode 1 had recently aired June 20th on, and we decided to add it to our blind targeting pool to determine if this socially trending topic was fake or real. Update 2 of the series was released around the end of June. None of the updates include anything about a 'baby skeleton'.

After repeated Remote Viewing deep-dives and data cross-checking sessions, we concluded that Maria was pregnant near the time of her death, and that a baby had been removed from her womb, which would likely be found nearby at the discovery site.

Additionally, peculiar shaped crystals would also be discovered near the throat of the mummies, which was related with something far more sinister at the Tomb that we've yet to publicly release due to its bizarre and potentially dangerous implications.

2) On July 1st - We sent an email out to several parties that we believed might find our Remote Viewing data intriguing, which led to a number of 'behind-closed-door' discussions about the work.

3) From July 1st to End July - We continued pursuing other targets of interest, not making much of our findings, as it was business as usual for us at the TROIKA Group. With RV, we can access information about almost anything one can imagine - consciousness hackers exploring the infinite database that describes our world. We continued recording our podcasts and produced detailed artwork to go along with the Nazca Mummy Remote Viewing results (More to come!)

4) Around July 25th - We waited, recorded our podcast and completed our video, which we shared out on Facebook. Around this same time, Gaia launched updates which confirmed the existence of baby Skeleton and much more.

5) Since July 30 - We've done more Remote Viewing work to validate our findings and have a made a few more key discoveries which we will share on the John. B. Wells show.

On July 31, they appeared on Fade to Black to discuss the findings of this project.

On August 12, they appeared on Caravan to Midnight, the John B. Wells show, to share some new findings, like how one of the words that popped up in a session was "Nephilim." They also announced that they will be doing further RV work on the Nazca Mummy to determine where this civilization came from and who Maria's husband was. This will be done over the course of the next month.

As a side note, I have been told that they are in the process of gathering data for a new Antarctica project. They will presumably be releasing the data in the coming weeks or months.

This is a fantastic group to follow if you're interested in remote viewing, which I certainly am.

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