Star gazers share stunning images of Perseid meteor shower (PHOTOS)

© Dado Ruvic / Reuters

The Perseid meteor shower dazzled star gazers over the skies of the northern hemisphere at the weekend. Many space enthusiasts took to social media to offer a glimpse of the celestial phenomenon.

Perseid lasts for over a month but peaked on Saturday night when those with their eyes to the sky were treated to a spectacular show. During peak times, up to 100 fireballs leave their mark, however briefly, on the atmosphere as they streak across the night sky.

The meteor shower's cosmic dust occurs when Earth comes into contact with a cloud of space debris deposited in the vacuum by the Swift-Tuttle comet, which last flew by the sun 25 years ago.

Star gazers pointed their cameras toward the sky in a bid to catch some images of the Perseids.

Early try for the #Perseid meteors on Friday night. 11 seen and 14 captured but nothing special. To get the camera sensitivity up to capture the fast moving meteors I was shooting at iso6400 and f/1.4 on a Samyang 24mm lens which meant 4 second exposures with the bright moon behind me. If nothing else I think this video shows the huge volume of traffic that is always up in the sky, especially all the space junk and satellite trails that people are always posting as meteors that are #notameteor
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