Spain sees number of migrant arrivals TREBLE despite ‘overcrowded’ accommodation

More than 11,000 migrants have arrived in Spain in the first half of 2017, 8,300 of whom have come by boat.

The charity Médecins Sans Frontières have warned that Spain’s reception centres are overcrowded and unable to deal with the large number of “desperate new arrivals”.

However, in the whole of last year 13,246 migrants arrived in Spain.

Many of those arriving are from west African countries, such as Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

Senior IOM spokesman Joel Millman said: “We assume that some of the change is due to the fact that the route [to Spain] is considered a safe route up to the coast through Morocco.

By comparison, so far this year, 13,200 migrants have come to Greece, down from 176,906 in total the previous year.

Mr Millman added: “It’s possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year.”

Since the start of 2015, more than one million migrants have entered Greece and more than 430,000 have come to Italy, but only 29,000 have gone to Spain, according to the IOM.

Italy still far surpasses both Spain and Greece when it comes to the number of migrant arrivals it has had in 2017.

More than 96,000 migrants have arrived In Italy so far this year, according to the IOM.

Thousands of protesters earlier this year called on the Spanish government to allow people fleeing war-torn areas such as Syria into the country.

Earlier this week, footage showed roughly 30 migrants arriving by dinghy on a popular Spanish tourist beach in Cádiz.

Police claimed they were powerless to stop the beach drop, as a lack of resources meant only one officer was in the area at the time.

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