Scientists create breakthrough healing device

Image Credit: YouTube / MedXclusive Learning / Ohio State University

Known as Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), the technology can begin repairing injuries in less than a second.

It might sound like something out of an episode of Star Trek, but according to scientists at The Ohio State University, this remarkable new technology can begin healing even the most serious of injuries almost immediately and has the potential to save many lives.

Taking the form of a silicone chip that simply needs to be placed on the patient's skin, the healing system "injects genetic code into skin cells, turning those skin cells into other types of cells."

What this means is that if someone has injured their leg for example, the chip could turn some of the patient's skin cells in to vascular cells to help repair the damage.

In one recent laboratory experiment, the team was able to restore brain functionality in a mouse that had suffered a stroke by using the technology to turn some of its skin cells in to brain cells.

With no known side effects and with the capacity to be deployed pretty much anywhere without training, these silicone patches could revolutionize the treatment of injuries and diseases.

The team is currently awaiting FDA approval to begin human trials later on this year.

Source: USA Today | Comments (1)

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