Hard to believe but the liberal media is trying to portray Trump as the bad guy when it comes to rounding up these criminals who hide under rocks in sanctuary cities when they are not murdering or raping. There are even “university professors” coming out and speaking about how Trump “doesn’t understand” MS 13, or that the group is not as bad as they are made out to be by the media. 
I don’t know how it happens but even when I spend a day working and collecting, I still seem to end up not posting the final page until far too late. Thinking is not coming easily at the moment, bed looms nearby. Hopefully you are all enjoying your high summer no matter what the geoengineers are throwing your way. 
Now, grab a cool drink, find yourself a hammock, and enjoy this week’s offerings. 
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That “Bay of Pigs” feeling. It was strong when we thought Hillary might win, and Trump’s triumph bought us a few pleasant wake ups. But we are back to where we were then, same day, different threats.
Stilton outdid himself with applicable quips to this somewhat bizarre image.
Has Trump ever experienced a “Rick Grimes moment”?
A book is like a parachute. You have to open it to fly.
Artist Comment: Bad Moon Rising: Kim Jong-un threatens to fire missiles into the waters off Guam.
Bacon, beer and maple syrup. Hockey. Ice dips on New Year’s Day. Black flies. As it stands, last winter, the American smugglers would drop the people off at the border where they were met by Canadian officials, walked over to the Canadian side and given warm clothes, etc etc. There have been a few who hoofed it in the cold, but most have been fully escorted and prepared.
This Canadian cartoonist seems to blame Trump for the thousands “fleeing” into Montreal. But that is what the press tells gullible Canadians who complacently accept this assault. The humongous retired Dome of Montreal is being converted into an intake facility for incoming “refugees”.
Not a cartoon, just a really tasty looking Canadian flag. The Red Barn, my favourite grocery across the street, makes it possible to eat organic and natural all year round on local produce and proteins. They have the best sandwich bar which is quite a challenge for me to avoid on this fast when I crave such things.

David Dees is becoming more cosmic and spiritual with some of his artistic endeavors.

Sigh. Check out the following absolute idiocy! Uhm, does this mean “cultural appropriation” only applies to White folks?

Dear lord that is one ugly tie! She MIGHT be bribing him to change it before going to visit her family!

Something about those lovely liberal women…..  You can bet today they would be wearing pussy hats and claiming Trump is not their president.

Oooops! Forget that Hiroshima stuff and remember what matters!

Thank you James Perloff for these memes.




Just like the dodo bird…

Invading army.

 Stop the genocide in Afghanistan.

This girl is not fooling around. A great list of demands, just so long as she reciprocates in full. Good way to cut the slackers if her goal is commitment.


Some people are not in favour of Pence. Definitely the sexual politics types are not happy. Meanwhile, they keep Pence Teflon clean whilst smearing Trump at every turn.

Why in heck they publish this! Well we all know why, but, still, why? Rhetorical question. Just thinking Trump was on to something when he made changes in the military regarding transgenders. Remember who paid for this transition: Primarily the American people.

Chelsea is so dumb, too.

More on PETA at the end.

A tent camp will not work in a few months once the climate chills and the winds from the St. Lawrence freeze everything they touch.

Did I mention that Chelsea is dumb? Now, read the above again. Let it sink in. Everything. Every word. Her arrogance. Do you think she would allow a doctor to snip off “just a little flesh” for those health benefits?

The Baphomet was not visible when I uploaded this photo to post. That, people, is what happens to sheeple. Consider yourselves forewarned.

On his Twitter page, this djinn posted this quote to any criticism of his article which was as poorly written and ludicrous as his other work.

I had to chop up the following piece so that it would post in reasonable sizes. Sadly they are not all the same but all do enlarge for easier reading. Some interesting bits on PETA, an organization that is not really how it presents itself to the world.


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