Reports and Posts Hint at a Recent Banwave on PC

Over the last few days we received some reports that indicate a recent banwave on PC. We got approached by multiple players that shared bans within their own guild or alliance. Additionally several threads on a popular botting forum have started to pop up since August 3rd.

After an audit of accounts it was found that yours exhibited behavior that would indicate a bot, or botting program, was being used to automate gameplay. The use of programs which automate the actions of our games (i.e., botting) is expressly prohibited by our Terms of ServiceSupport Ticket Response

It seems like this once again was an automated process in which accounts that met certain criteria got banned. The last one of these waves resulted in a major shitstorm because the devs actually hit tons of legit players. The incident in May would go down as #Fredricksonbangate, this time however the lack of noise could mean the devs have aimed better.

Banned Innocently?

Nonetheless an algorithm is never able to accurately evaluate all situations. So if you’ve wrongfully been hit, go to this page and submit a support request. Since you can no longer login, support will ask for extra credentials to make sure you’re the account holder. We have prepared a template below that you can use by filling in the necessary info. You might not be able to answer all questions, but be as thorough as possible. This should speed up the process. It’s also very important to insist that they forward the request and manually look into the account. Support itself does not verify anything and will just report back the ban and reason that’s in the system.

Example Support Request
Account/Forum Name:
Full Name (First, Last):
Billing Address, including zip or postal code:
Last 4 digits of CC numbers:
Account’s Registered Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Date the Account was created:
City the Account was created:
The name of the ISP at the time the Account was created:
Any product key associated with the account:
Any game time card key associated with the account:
Any credit card transaction ID:
Any PayPal transaction ID:
Current IP address: (if you don’t know this, just send what shows you)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’ve been hit with a ban/suspension yesterday, but am among those that wrongly got hit because of a misinterpretation of the underlying data. Please instantly launch a manual account investigation and get back to me as soon as possible. Do not reply with a standard response that states the ban duration and reason, just forward my request to someone who can properly deal with it.

Thanks in advance!

Have you been hit or heard of the banwave? Share your information in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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