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Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The Israeli Police conveyed a document on Thursday to the Magistrate Court in Rishon Lezion that discloses that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected in bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

These details were revealed after they were included in a document that was submitted by the police to the court and intended to impose a gag order on the details of cases 1000 (the “expensive gifts affair”) and 2000 (an alleged attempt to negotiate sympathetic coverage of the prime minister in Yediot Aharonot in return for the weakening of Yediot competitor Israel Hayom) and on any detail regarding the coming deal with Netanyahu’s former chief of staff Ari Harow who is to serve as state witness.

This order will be in place until September 17.

Netanyahu’s office issued a response to the reports and said: “We utterly decline these unfounded claims against the prime minister. This hunting campaign to topple the government is in full swing but it is meant to fail from this simple reason - there will be nothing because there was nothing.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Harow and law enforcement system are close to sign a state’s witness deal and return to easing Harow’s charges.

The American-born Harow, who has been a trusted political and personal adviser to Netanyahu, served as his bureau chief in 2008-2010 and as his chief of staff in 2014-2015.

According to a senior authority in the law-enforcement system, Harow’s future testimony will have a significant impact in strengthening the suspicion against Netanyahu in cases 1000 and 2000, Channel 10 reported. That source also confirms that a deal is expected to be reached with Harow soon. It wasn’t the police that suggested making Harow a state’s witness, but his own lawyer who offered it months ago, according to the report.

Harow is suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust and money laundering, over allegations that he advanced his business interests while being employed at the Prime Minister’s Office.

On Thursday morning Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit addressed  the contacts between Harow and the police and said that “progress is being made,” and that the attorney general office is “working in cooperation with the police on this matter.”

This comes after a gag order was imposed on the testimony of state’s witness Miki Ganor in Case 3000, the “Submarine Affair,” which is being conducted by the Lahav 433 police unit.

The order said the gag order applies to “every single detail from the investigation that has to do with the testimony of the state’s witness or from the events that happened prior to his signing of the deal. It also applies to every future detail from his testimony.”

Former prime minister Ehud Barak released a video Thursday in which he said a prime minister cannot continue to serve after an indictment has been issued again. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said the opposite Wednesday.

"How can he run a security cabinet meeting between standing before a judge and meeting with his lawyers and then deciding God forbid to go to war?" he asked. "We together must wake up our ministers to take action as soon as possible, because the lives of all of us depend on it."

Gil Hoffman contributed to this report

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