Poison Papers : Exposing decades of dollusion between Industry and Regulators

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But I think it deserves it´s own Thread because many might not have noticed it. And it´s not only about kiling bees. These papers have been released July 2017. Many of These Documents only exist because Carol Van Strum stored them for decades in his barn.

So here we go

The Documents and Website:

Here is the Press Release Document:

Here some examples of these documents:
1960 Dermatologists of the University of Philadelphia tested one of the most poisonous Dioxins known to man TCDD on prisoners of the Holmesburg prison in Philadelphia.

Everybodies Darling Monsanto sold a chemical to Lysol which was contaminated with TCDD (Dioxin) and was sold to the General public as cleaning substance. Lysol sold this Cleaner with Dioxin for 23 years !!!!!

These Papers Show back room agreements between the paperindustry and congress which ordered a faked study to supress, modify and delay the public view on the dangers of poisons in daily products. The study showed that many daily products like coffeefilters, Baby napkins etc. had lots of poisons in them.

The poison papers also support the IBT-Scandal: testing laboratories are nowadays an industry and are like most industries corrupt and buyable.


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