Peter Paget | Video message for August 2017

Here is a follow up - video link below, duration 36mins - to Peter's recent Bases 48 Miles Johnston Skype with a generally very positive message for all, and reiterating some of the subjects covered in this previous thread post.( Note: forum members have conributed some interesting insights here too.)

Video link here:

He also reinforces the experiential nature of your being and stresses amongst other things the importance of doing your own research and cross referencing from multiple sources thereby helping to enable you to practise greater discernment, as it relates to information generally. What he refers to as the engagement of the 'edit chip'. Do enjoy. TQ.



In this video for August 2017, I talk about the upcoming eclipse, North Korea, the continued contamination from Fukushima, and how I believe we are at a ‘transitional stage’ where people have the opportunity to grow and make progress with their own karma.

I also touch on my own cosmic contacts, the group of extra-terrestrials with whom I have been in contact for most of my life, and why ETs/Extra-Dimensionals cannot always intervene in dire situations (such as when they switched off nuclear missiles as I discuss in my latest book).

During this wide ranging talk I also discuss why succumbing to fear is the biggest weapon used against us of them all.

And finally… what am I doing hefting a 20kg kettle ball around?
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