Obama Advisor Susan Rice Tells Trump To BACK DOWN, “Tolerate Nuclear Weapons”

While the situation with North Korea has escalated to a very dangerous scenario for U.S. national security, after it was revealed they officially have nuclear warheads, almost every single expert has called out for a strong action against Kim Jong Un’s regime. However, Former President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice, recently said President Donald Trump should instead accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

In a controversial op-ed for The New York Times published a couple of hours ago, the former Obama administration official assured that pragmatism is needed to handle North Korea’s aggression. Lamentably this clearly represents nothing more than a weak euphemism for letting the communist regime do whatever it wants, considering that these kinds of threats should be responded with categorical moves in order to set a precedent.

However, far from offering a solution that would maintain the world order and America’s geopolitical stability, Rice encouraged an approach that includes a pressure campaign on North Korea and stresses U.S. anti-missile systems. In fact, she even criticized the Trump administration by saying that war is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what many people in the White House seem to have concluded.

In addition, Rice explained how history showed that America must tolerate nuclear weapons in this communist regime, the same way it did with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Naturally, Rice seems to intentionally ignore the fact that it was a different geopolitical context, and that an operation against North Korea would be much easier.

Also, the most grotesque element of Rice’s analysis is the colossal ingenuity of thinking that America could easily negotiate with a communist regime with these characteristics, and believe that it would not take advantage of it and meet every single condition of a hypothetic deal. Naturally, this doesn’t seem surprising at all, given the fact that she was part of the infamous Iran deal.

With this piece, Rice joined other members of the Democratic party in slamming Trump for comments in which he said that Kim Jong Un’s regime will face a living hell if it continues to threaten America.

Of course, this represents nothing more than the epitome of the main element that made Obama administration turning the world into an unprecedented chaos: to ignore the rise of irrational leaders and regimes, and let anyone get away with their acts and threats.

The former national security adviser called the president’s remarks as dangerous and unprecedented, and said these words risk tipping the Korean Peninsula into war, in case Kim Jong Un believes them and acts precipitously.

In addition, she praised Defense Secretary James Mattis for his reaction to North Korea’s recent aggression, saying that this statement made it clear that America will retaliate should North Korea use nuclear weapons.

Naturally, Rice has clearly shown her faith in the strategy of taking no major actions against certain governments and wait for them to fall on its own base. Although this is a strategy that could work for certain regimes, it doesn’t have any kind of efficiency with this kind of dictatorship, not only because of the fact that this government has all the power, but also because the economy factor won’t be as damaging as expected.

The reason why this important element doesn’t represent a major threat to North Korea is that it is backed by China, who has maintained this communist regime over the last decades. In fact, this is the same scenario as other countries like Venezuela or Iran, which are supported by other governments that avoid these regimes to crumble.

Rice’s piece in The New York Times comes as the Trump administration has toughened its rhetoric on North Korea in recent days, which conducted two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month.

In another part of her op-ed, she explained that rational and steady American leadership can avoid a crisis and counter a growing North Korean threat. Additionally, she wrote that it is past time that America started exercising its power responsibly.

What seems quite ironic in these remarks is the fact that having a passive stance on North Korea has turned Kim Jong Un’s regime into a threat that never was. Naturally, while North Korea keeps pushing forward on its suicidal stance against the United and its Asian neighbors, having the same position that Obama administration had, won’t be the proper action against a regime that has taken advantage of America’s passivity.

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