NASA theorizes Alcubierre Warp Spaceship Can do FTL

NASA's propulsion systems development team lead, Harold G. White, has proposed that a spaceship with an Alcubierre warp drive could reach faster than light 'speeds'. The artist of this short video, Radamore, claimed that NASA paid for 1600 hours of artwork as a proof of concept for this spaceship:

The Alcubrierre warp drive theoretically shortens space-time in front of the ship and lengthening space-time behind, propelling the ship forward. Although the proof of concept has skeptics, the physics involved apparently conforms to general relativity.

Now, from a personal standpoint, and knowing that Ben Rich, the former head of skunkworks at area 51, publicly stated that einstein's equations had significant flaws (atleast 8 from what i recall he said, plus einstein couldnt accomodate quantum physics) and that the black ops had already developed ftl spacecraft, it appears to me that this nasa tidbit is just to whet the public's appetite with what may be a speculative theory that may evetually lead to ftl but is so distant in today's whiteworld tech that its hardly provable. However, it gives them a quick 'out' if someone actually stumbles on the truth, as they can readily say 'you see, we told you about this back in 2011'.

Pardon me if i am jaded, but it is quite frustrating to know that ssp exists, with ftl, and that the public is shown this dribble feed on 'theoretical' designs when in reality they know far more than they let on. But they can always claim they told us so.

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