Muscle Testing. Does it Work or Waste of Time?

I stumbled upon the concept of muscle testing by accident recently and have been reading a book from one of the pioneers in the field (or at least that's what the book seems to claim). According to the book, our muscles become week or strong in the presence of universal truths or falsehoods such that we can test the truth of a statement merely by testing our own body's muscle reaction to a question. The author suggests that doing so taps into a sort of universal consciousness and the answer is accurate regardless of what we know about the subject. If we make a false statement, our muscles will become weak and we will easily "bend" to pressure when someone pushes down on our outstretched arm for example. But if we make a true statement our muscles become strong and it is much harder for someone to push our arm down because the "truth" of the statement gives our muscles strength.

For a brief moment I was excited to think that there could be something to this but as he gave examples in the book I began to seriously doubt it's useufulness and saw serious flaws in his logic. What do you think? Is there any evidence that some form of muscle testing can mystically give us accurate answers to questions that are reliable just merely by asking the question and measuring the effect on our muscles reaction? Or, is this purely mumbo jumbo?

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