Motorcyclist struck by lightning filmed in Guilin City, China

Video footage shows the moment the lightning hits the scooter rider in Guangxi province

Video footage has caught the shocking moment a motorcyclist is struck by a bolt of lightning while traveling over a bridge during a thunderstorm.

The incident took place in Guilin City, southern China's Guangxi province.

According to reports, the 57-year-old rider surname Tang was hurt but did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Video footage shows the moment the bolt of lightning struck the rider as he was nearing the end of Xinyi bridge in Guilin.

Pictures show the damage caused to the seat of the man's scooter.

The scooter rider can be seen lying on the floor after being struck by lightning

A nearby pedestrian was also hit and collapsed to the ground from the shock.

The rider sustained injuries from the strike and the fall after.

Both he and the pedestrian were rushed to hospital. The pedestrian has since been discharged and the rider is expected to be released from hospital in a few days.

Others tended to a pedestrian who was also hit by the lightning and was taken to hospital

A hole can be seen on the man's bike, left by the powerful lightning strike

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