Huge 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocks Philippines - president's palace evacuated

‘A LARGE 6.6 magnitude earthquake has rocked the Luzon island in the Philippines, with the tremor being felt in the capital Manila. The official residence of the President Rodrigo Duterte, Malacañang Palace, has been evacuated after the tremor. The earthquake stuck at 6.28am BST (1.28pm local time) and was centred near the Lubang islands, 74 miles west of Batangas, 93 miles south west of Manila. The quake struck about 99 miles below the surface, making it a relatively deep earthquake. Along with the presidential palace, the Foreign Affairs department, the Supreme Court, the university and the Red Cross building were also evacuated. Aftershocks are expected.’ Read more: Huge 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocks Philippines – president’s palace evacuated
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