Egg alert in Europe - Pesticides present

An alert is issued in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

There is a concern that the tainted eggs have also been exported to Poland, France, and Italy.

Aldi, which has 4,000 stores in Germany, said it is removing all eggs from its shelves as a precaution.

The eggs contain a pesticide toxin called Fipronil, which can cause liver and kidney damage. (A youngster consuming 2 eggs a day with the contamination could become ill for instance).

The eggs appear to have originated out of the Netherlands, who is Europe's largest egg supplier.

The eggs are being destroyed on the order of the Dutch Food and Welfare Authority after it was discovered they contain toxic levels of the pesticide Fipronil.

Latest estimates from the government agency are that 200 farms are involved, but in what scope is not yet known. Earlier, after the first alarms went off in Belgium, 4 Dutch farms tested positive for residues in eggs above the maximum residue limit.


Most of the farms had their houses and/or birds treated by a Dutch firm called Chickfriend. This company bought a product from a Belgian company.

The owner of a pest control company in the Belgian Ravels-Weelde is suspected of having added Fipronil to an authorised drug for red mite control and then resold this mixture.

The company would have added Fipronil to the product Dega-16. Dega-16 is a natural product consisting of menthol and eucalyptus, which is used to control red mite in laying hens and is –by itself- safe, even for human consumption.

The Belgian government started the investigation after an egg processor in the Belgian town of Sint-Niklaas reported to the Federal Food Safety Authority (FAVV) that it had found Fipronil in eggs.

After further research the Belgian authorities informed the European food safety warning system RASFF, because they had leads that the eggs were being exported to France, Germany, Italy and Poland. This, in turn, alerted the Dutch officials to start to look into the matter.
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