Chinese tourist awarded $461,000 after beating by US border guard

‘A Chinese woman was awarded $460,800 after suing the US government for an incident in which she was brutally injured and arrested by a border guard during a visit to Niagara Falls. The agent mistakenly believed the tourist was associated with a drug suspect. Zhao Yan, a business owner and piano teacher from Tianjin, China was sightseeing at Niagara Falls in 2004. Her visit to the popular tourist attraction came after she had arrived in the US on a business visa to study the market for wood in Pennsylvania, according to court documents cited by AP. The incident began when Zhao, then 38, and two other women ran from an inspection station at the Rainbow Bridge US-Canada border crossing instead of obeying orders to come inside. The order was issued to the women by officers who believed they may have been associated with a drug suspect they had just detained.’ Read more: Chinese tourist awarded $461,000 after beating by US border guard
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