'Black mist' filmed in 'haunted' hotel room

Does James Campbell's ghost still haunt this room ? Image Credit: YouTube / Strange Town

Paranormal investigators caught footage of the phenomenon at the Magnolia Hotel in South Texas.

Paranormal enthusiasts Billy Driver and Mark Morrow, whose investigation series 'Strange Town' can be found on YouTube, had been trying to capture evidence of ghosts when the anomalies occurred.

The room, which is known as the 'Campbell Room', was named after James Campbell, the original owner of the property. Legend has it that he was killed by Comanches back in the 19th century and sightings of his ghost at the hotel have been widely reported by visitors ever since.

The new footage, which can be viewed below, shows a strange mist-like phenomenon that can be seen fogging up the lens of the camera several times throughout the two-minute clip.

Whether this constitutes evidence of a haunting however remains a matter of debate.

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