Big cats in the UK!

I have always been interested in this subject since i was a child i remember while at Dartmoor on a school trip there were storys at nite time around the camp fire and one story relating to possible big cats running free in the United Kingdom which caught my imagination and intrigue.A little while later i got the book Alien Animals by Janet and Colin Bord witch i still have today but the main reason i am now so certain about these cats is that while in Dorset in Weymouth when me and my mum were walking our family springer spaniel in a meadow by the river wey which weymouth gets its name we saw a black cat it was running fast at another dogwalkers labrador across the field from us about 100m away it was long and low to the ground it had upright cat ears a rounded nose and a long rounded tail it moved so gracefully toward the dog like it was locked on but as soon as the feline saw the humans with the dog it stopped and went back to the hedgerow it had come out from the dogwalkers never saw it but me and my mum saw it plain as day we turned and walked home not really wanting this big black cat to target our dog this was in the 1990s i think 1995 or 6 as i was a young man at the time but this memory is seared into my mind and will never fade it was a amazing experience and one also at that time that you got ridicule for telling! so we didnt offer this information to anyone but the most trusted friends and family i remember a few years later in the echo that a big black cat had been seen on the ridgeway which was not far from our sighting but nothing more became of that,its always annoyed me how the media inject a conditioned respone of ridicule into those silly enough to believe the t.v best thing i ever did was turn the t.v off and not turn it back on... be interested if anyone else had had any big cat sightings anywhere in the UK or anywhere else???? cheers.:cat:

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