9/2 Predictive programming and the next 911 event!?

Several months ago, a youtube user from Croatia, published on his channel more than 10 hours of video material on the topic about the 2nd of September 2017, as the most likely date for the next “911 event” or a false flag operation, designated to get us into WW3 (probably, a few weeks after that?!). A while ago and out of some reason, the author removed most of the material from his youtube channel, related to 9/2/17.
Personally, when I came upon this material, I was already saturated by various predictions and prophecies and pretty tired from all of that, however, I found his take on it very interesting, with a pretty high “signal to noise ratio”.

The main plot goes like this, - the “disappeared” (hijacked) Malaysian plane, Boing 777, Flight MH370, will reappear on 9/2/17 as a “delivery vehicle” for a nuclear device (one or more?). The plane should be remotely guided from somewhere to US and crashed probably in the Hudson river, between Manhattan (Hells Kitchen) and Weehawken (exact location still not clear and it may involve more od them, like the sea, a few hundred miles off the eastern US coast and some other targets may be attacked on that day, like the Hoover dam, as implied on some dollar bills.) This would cause a tsunami. The damage made should be enough to justify a nuclear retaliation against those, who will be painted as the perpetrators (Iran, N. Korea, ISIS…?!... make your own guess…), while the real perpetrators will be the same those who were behind the first 911 operation. There is also a possibility that the physical plane would not be used, just the scenario involving the Malaysian plane (hijacked by Iranians?), where a nuclear device (or more of them?) will be planted into the Hudson river or the sea, while the footage of the incoming plane, which will be shown to us by the MSM, will be, in fact, a “CGI-version” (that would not be the first time, would it!?).

And, btw, if we look at 9/11 as 9/1+1=2, it could be easily turned into 9/2 or if we look into 11 as II, as a Roman numeral it would mean 2, so the same symbol would be “cost effective” i.e. recycled, or to be applicable to the next 911 event, scheduled for 9/2.

So, as we know, the symbol 911 was expressed in various ways and through various sources BEFORE the event, and we were able to see it, as such, only AFTER the event happened.

and some images with embedded symbols, made prior to the 9/11/01…

may still be applicable in the near future?!

Now, it seems that the same should apply when 9/2 is in the question?! Or, should it?! Though, in a case they manage to execute such an operation, we should not be surprised if they take the internet down (imagine the various excuses), as well, and what we will be only hearing and watching, it will be MSM’s verbal, visual and emotional diarrhoea, with the official story being repeated endlessly. And, that would last for a while, i.e. till the beginning of the WW3, so there will be no time for any discussion or collecting the evidence against the real perpetrators, with a hope that they will be publicly exposed and persecuted. Anyway, we know very well what happened after the first 911 event. The whistle-blowers, witnesses and truthers were those who suffered and who were persecuted, not the perpetrators and the ridiculous story about the background of the event is still the official one.


What follows here are some excerpts and screen captures from the mentioned material and the author’s analysis (with some of mine interpretations added) of the embedded symbology.

Here, we will start with what seems to be the main symbol of the planned false flag operation, - the trident, or better to say - the double trident.

Another one is in the 911 Museum, across the Hudson river and the third one, may plunge somewhere, between them, together with its payload?!). As we know, the trident is the main weapon of the Greek god, Poseidon, or the Roman god, Neptune. When he gets angry, he hits the bottom of the sea with his weapon and then we have tsunamis, earthquakes and all sorts of destruction.

The double trident is a logo of…

(they say it was a kite, however, try to find a “kite” looking like that?!)

Please, note, when decoding the messages from the movies, we have to take into account the main plot, the context of a situation, wording, the numbers, letters and images around that…), maybe the best place to start would be the movie NEXT, where we can find some possible info about the NEXT 911 event. So, just after the main actor says: “when you look at the future”… in the next future frame a car arrives with this plate:

On the plate we can see the trident symbol in a form of a cactus. Just reading from the cactus/trident, we see the following: 928 QRS. So, we have 9/2 and the only way to express the year 2017 in one numeral would be the number 8 (1+7). This would mean: 9/2/17; the letters QRS (in the alphabet: 17th, 18th, 19th may refer to the length of the WW3?! However, when we put them into the gematria calculator (at gematrix.org) in eng. gematria, we are getting the value ‘324’ and the first match there, associated with the number, will be - ‘reptilian’, which may point to some sort of a “signature”!?

As we can see, the model of the car was ‘Tahoe’, which in the language of the Washoe Indians means: “Big Water” (it may refer to a tsunami?).


Now, we may take into account the two accidents, which happened to the Malaysian planes, Flight MH17 and Flight MH370, powered by the Rolls-Royce engines named Trent - (abbrev. for Trident?!)...

(September in Croatian language = rujan/rujna)

…we may see in the left upper corner, the clock from the movie Knowing, car plate from the movie NEXT, and in the frame at the right top corner, we can see a sequence of numbers taken from the famous list of the past (and future) events, from the movie Knowing, which also may contain the date and the coordinates of the next 911 event?! (We should come to that a bit later.)

So, what we have above, would be some messages which could be read as the following:

Flight MH370; passengers 227 (2/2+7=2/9); fatalities 298 = first association: plutonium-298; the message: “it will carry nuclear bomb(s) on 2/9”
Flight MH17; numbers of fatalities 298 (2/9/1+7) and the engines, pointing to the date: 9/2/17, when read from the back (as it was said, the number 8 would be the only way to express 17, in one numeral)

[note - European date format: dd/mm/yy; both formats seem to be commonly used when coding the date in various sources.]


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